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Barbie challenges conditioned societal perspectives, heals generational wounds, and shifts individual mindset ~ teachings gathered along a personal story of healing and self reclamation following a toxic marriage and the secondary trauma experienced after her daughter’s assault.

Barbie guides women to heal, release and reclaim.  To celebrate their transition in years, to embody the power of their wisdom, and to rise in self-love and acceptance, as they walk through life's chapters. She embraces the knowing that endings offer beginnings, and she offers her clients a loving space to become all that they are here to become, with empowered resilience

A heart centered space holder for Women, Barbie lovingly guides toward empowerment, to shed shame & shatter fears of aging, handed by societal Anti~Aging message, and to claim their Crown!

Barbie is a Community Champion for Silken Laumann’s Unsinkable organization, she is Coach Resource with a variety of Organizations, sits on the Board of Advisors for Panacea Media Humanized, and has walked Ancestral Paths and Elder Ceremony with Indigenous Elder Grandmother Kaarina.

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Let's work together through a journey of Healing, Self Reclamation and Celebration of YOU!



Get ready to live in absolute wholeness as you claim your right to embrace & embody the power and wisdom of your years.

Barbie's offerings are for women who are ready to rise in empowered self-love, cast aside fears and doubt from old story,  and embrace the reclamation of their voice, value, visibility and worth as they walk through the chapters of life

Learn to rewrite limiting core beliefs and shift perspectives, releasing fears and self doubt and reconnecting with the power of your soul’s truth

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Kind words from past clients

Barbie helped me understand triggers and forgiveness. She was easy to speak with, offered incredible wisdom, and a safe place to talk.


Barbie is healing my heart and soul. Her empathic and clear view into my world with the most loving eyes, heart and mind makes me feel more safe and supported than I ever did before.

- Lea

Barbie is loving, genuine, caring and non-judgemental. She helped me open the lines of communication with my daughter. I feel like a load has been lifted ooff my shoulders.

- Lyndyn

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