Ready to Claim the Power of your Years & Shift Mindset on Aging?!

🔥 It’s time we claim back the power of our years⠀
🔥 It’s time we embrace and celebrate our aging reflection⠀
🔥 It’s time we feel fully seen and honoured as the older generation⠀
🔥 It’s time we feel confident and empowered stepping into these years⠀

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About your facilitator: Barbie Liss, The ANTI Anti-Aging Coach

I am an ANTI Anti~Aging Women’s Empowerment Coach. 

I have a BA in Psychology and am a Certified Life Coach, Reiki & Energy Healer, International Retreat Facilitator and an Advocate for Restorative Justice & Societal Healing, and the Reclamation of Elder Women in Society. 

With great heart, I offer Healing of Societal conditioning, and a Lifetime of Story. I walk my clients to embrace and claim the power of their years, so that we can reclaim the voice, value and worth of Elder Women, both individually and collectively.

Welcome, Love, this is Your first step! Time to dive into the masterclass. You ready?!

Yes, I am so ready!