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Welcome Sisters!

Are you looking to cultivate inner peace and release stress?

Are you looking to claim your power without apology?

Are you looking to own your purpose and receive support and direction on your path?

Know that you are not alone in these wants and trust that your heart has guided you to the right place.


My name is Barbie and I am honoured to help you discover all of this and more. I am an Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator, and Women’s Empowerment Coach. My services have propelled the lives of so many women and I’m passionate about uplifting hearts and calming minds.

My Story…

Through my own life journey and experience moving through trauma… Energy Healing and Reiki found its way into my life.

I had spent too many years keeping myself small in order to conform to the messages I had received from society growing up

Like so many of us, I had spent too many years not honoring my truth, not noticing my purpose.

It took the trauma of supporting and navigating life through my daughters sexual assault journey… to wake me up.

Energy Healing modalities and working through wounds long stuck within my system, opening my heart, soul and mind to change… brought healing, lead to self discovery and has brought me to a place of truest purpose.

My Work…

Through development of Self and continued education, today I know myself to be a powerful and heart-centred Energy Healer.

Additionally, I am a Women’s Empowerment Coach who offers 1-1 private sessions, facilitates Women’s circles, Red Tent Ceremonies, and Mother-Daughter led Women’s retreats. I am also co-founder of the Re-Humanize Movement.

Through my work, I guide women to reclaim their voice and step into their truest, most authentic and radiant Self.

Click below to learn about my offerings and to see how I can best support you on your path ♡


“This was my first time experiencing Reiki and I went into it with some skepticism. But I put my trust in Barbie and she received me as I am and I felt something. I really felt something. The most powerful moment was when she opened my throat chakra, my mind opened when my chakra opened and I'll never forget the overwhelming need to laugh... because "oh my god, it was working!!". I was just in awe of her and myself and the energetic journey she was guiding us through together.” - Sara Heathfield