The ANTI Anti ~Aging

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Working with women to shed shame associated with aging, to claim the voice, value and power of our years, and to walk through life chapters with empowered resilience

The Anti ~Anti ~Aging Coach


Working with women to heal shame and shift perspectives around aging, so we can reclaim the Voice, Value and Power of our Elders.

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I see you. 

Perhaps you are...

Feeling stuck; You hold within you, the knowing that there is so much more of you than you show the world, and you are wanting to step into your power, but feeling uncertain of next steps.


You have likely been led here...

Because you are ready to explore the ways old wounds & societal conditioning have impacted impact your life, you are ready to reframe old story, claim empowered self love and create gorgeous next chapters


You are here because...

You are READY!! Ready to dig deep and rise high! Ready to walk into next chapters with resilience, power and vibrance and lead by embodied example




Hi there! I'm Barbie,   

I have a BA in Psychology and am a Certified Life Coach, Reiki & Energy Healer, International Retreat Facilitator and a Personal Trainer.  I am an Advocate for Restorative Justice, Societal Healing, and the Reclamation of Elder Women in Society.  


I am a 60 year old divorced Mom to three amazing adult Humans, and Mother-in-Law to one.  


My story became known when my daughter’s sexual assault case become the first in North America to conclude with restorative justice. 


Since then, I have coached hundreds of women to claim voice, value & worth and walk with resilience to empowered self-love, as they cross thresholds through life chapters.


 Welcome, Love, this is Your first step!


About Barbie

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1~1 Coaching

 This is a deep dive coaching program for women ready to rise in self-love, open to possibility and potential and walk with empowered resilience through all life's chapters. 
In the safety and comfort of this coaching container, we walk back far enough to fully launch you forward!
Heal old wounds, release what no longer serves, reframe story and claim the power and truth of who you truly are
Let this be your time to say YES to YOU!  
Create your next chapters in the fullest version of all you know you are meant to be!
You deserve it!
1 Weekly 75-minute virtual session, ongoing text support, email reflections of our sessions, guided meditations, journal prompts, & so much more!
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ANTI Anti-Aging Sisterhood

This is 10 week series creates a movement of women claiming their seat as Wise Women, changing narratives and leading by empowered example
A circle of women seeking sisterhood and connections as we rewrite what it means to be the matriarchs of society
Receive teachings, conversations & shared connection, guest speakers and more, that bring mindset & perspective shifts, soul nourishing self care and empowerment, with a gorgeous sisterhood of women!
Do you feel ready to see change in the narrative we've been handed around aging?   Are you ready to share space with like-minded women embracing the power of our years and walk  with resilience and self love into next chapters?
The A3 is a group of Women ready to shed shame associated with aging as we claim the power of our voice & worth,  and walk as a solid group into our older years.  To lead by embodied empowered example for those of our own generation, and those who walk behind us. 
Are YOU one of these Women? 


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"Barbie comes from a place of complete love, acceptance and openness. I let myself be vulnerable in a way that I have never been able to do. I was able to talk about, and explore feelings and ideas that in the past had brought shame, and I was able to release them...

What would I say to someone considering working with Barbie? ... DO IT! And sign your daughters up too! This work should be mandatory as a human."


- Rachelle

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